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6 Reasons to See the New York City Ballet

Seeing the New York City Ballet is a top Thing to do in NY, and below are 6 compelling reasons to enjoy this NYC Activity.

February 15, 2016

When you’re looking for Things to do in NY, consider the rich offerings of the City’s art and culture scene. No matter your taste, you will find something to suit you. Seeing a performance by The New York City Ballet is a hugely popular NYC Activity. Here are 6 of the reasons why you don’t want to miss the chance to see this amazing dance company.

1. The Dancers
Obviously, one of the best reasons to add this NYC Activity to your itinerary is the amazing dancers. In the ballet world, names like Tiler Peck, Sarah Mearns, Chase Finlay, Andrew Veyette, and Ashley Bouder are well known. The chance to see these and other principal dancers perform is not to be missed. While the principal dancers and soloists take center stage, you might also try to keep your eyes on the corps de ballet. It is from the corps that the next generation of soloists will emerge.

2. The Costumes
More than a dozen people work in the New York City Ballet’s costume shop. The shop houses costumes that date back to the start of the company in 1948. Sometimes the costumes are updated and used again, and other times the staff draws inspiration when creating new costumes. A highlight for all involved with the New York City Ballet came when Valentino designed the costumes for the 2012 Fall Gala. While not every ballet features elaborately beautiful costumes, many do. For some, that’s reason enough to enjoy this NYC Activity.

3. The Choreography
Those who know ballet will notice something different when they attend a performance by the New York City Ballet. The moves are faster, sharper, and edgier. Much of the ballet company’s aesthetic must be attributed to founder George Balanchine, but the new generation of choreographers is quite impressive. Justin Peck, who is a soloist with the New York City Ballet, is also their Resident Choreographer. He’s not even 30 years old, and he has already been called one of the most important choreographers in classical ballet.

4. George Balanchine
Called the most important contemporary choreographer in ballet, Balanchine founded the New York City Ballet in 1948. Such was his influence that even young dancers who never had the chance to meet him understand his importance. With a taste that called for bigger movements and a more theatrical style, the ballets choreographed by Balanchine continue to be some of the favorites performed by the company.

5. The Venue
The New York City Ballet performs at the David H. Koch Theatre in Lincoln Center. The theatre, which opened in 1964, was given a gift of $100 million in 2008 to perform a series of renovations. The renovations, which are ongoing, include upgrades to the technical equipment, seating, and more. The donation came from philanthropist David H. Koch, and the theatre was renamed to honor him. Seeing a performance at this wonderful venue is yet another reason to enjoy this Thing to do in NY.

6. It’s the New York City Ballet!
The costumes, the dancers, the choreographers, and the venue all work together to create an unforgettable experience. If you love ballet then you’ll appreciate the excellence of this world-class company. If you’re new to ballet then the New York City Ballet is a great place to start! Add this exciting NYC Activity to your list of can’t-miss Things to do in NY!